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P52 #12 – Storytime

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 by Jen

Fridays at our local library we have storytime which we do attend once in a while. Ewan is finally old enough to sit and listen to a few stories, and Josie still loves to be read to and smartly answer all the librarian’s questions along with the craft. This weeks theme was wind and they made paper bag kites!


[photos taken with android phone]

Before the puddle

This was on the way to the library, just a few moments before Ewan fell face first flat in the puddle. Note he’s wearing different pants in the above puddle because I had to buy him new ones at the thrift store as his other pants (and socks) were soaked.

We are family: March 2015

Sunday, March 29th, 2015 by Jen

I actually remembered the photo while it was light, and while it was still March! Score!

All of us March 2015

And this was Josie’s suggestion for a pose arrangement. I think she’s been looking over my shoulder too much while I laugh at Awkward Family Photos. Celia seems to be unable to make a normal face in a photo lately, despite talking about it right before starting.

Josie's family photo shoot idea

P52 #11 – Two of three airborne

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 by Jen

Celia Josie and Ewan jumping

Saved by my flash tonight as I repeatedly throughout the day remembered that I needed to take my weekly shot, but then had one child or another unavailable, and then remembered, and then forgot, and then bam the day is done. Definitely compared to having a 1 year old 5+ years ago, the day goes very quickly. We’re always moving onto one thing and the next. But one thing to remember about this time of life is the striped pants, or no pants, as those are generally the preferences. This is one of Josie’s favorite outfits, she basically is wearing the same three outfits again and again and again without using her other clothes. Ewan generally prefers not to wear pants, but definitely wants to wear his boots (not allowed today as they have mud on them).

Thirty days of thankfulness, i.e. November

Saturday, March 21st, 2015 by Jen

Each year for the last few years we’ve been talking together as a family most nights at dinner about what we’re thankful for during the month of November. We’ve done it for a few years now and the lists are always full of a few funny ideas. This year we had to interpret Ewan’s ideas as he was not yet speaking more than a few words. This month Fred was struggling with his health and so that came up a few times. Also the tradition of looking around the room, and naming whatever you see is also well and alive in our lists! I was also not healthy particularly during the month of November, so there’s a bit more awareness of the gift of health in general, but not mine.

Celia’s list

  1. Going on a trip
  2. Tried our tofu
  3. School
  4. Candy Corn project
  5. Discovery Museum
  6. Alphabet project
  7. Little Q Hot Pot
  8. Fred is alive
  9. Healthy parents
  10. 3 bitty books gift set
  11. Healthy mommy
  12. Healthy daddy
  13. Tio Javier
  14. Tia Vani
  15. Ezzy
  16. George
  17. Lights
  18. Frog cups (from our trip in Florida at the rainforest cafe)
  19. Mister
  20. Self alive
  21. Olaf
  22. Stamp markers
  23. Ewan’s bat (an art project from halloween)
  24. Cutting and pasting book
  25. Ghosts aren’t real (yes we are all thankful for that one!)
  26. Mommys pictures
  27. Number gloves (new gloves with numbers on each finger)
  28. New blanket mommy made me
  29. New Necklace
  30. Paintbrushes

Josie’s list

  1. Money to go to disney world
  2. Disney
  3. Good parents
  4. Losing a tooth
  5. Airplanes
  6. Television
  7. Little Q Hot Pot
  8. Fred is alive
  9. Pama
  10. Mommy’s Cooking skills
  11. Ewan
  12. Frozen
  13. Tio Javier
  14. Tia Vani
  15. Abuela
  16. Abuelo
  17. Mommy (1000 times)
  18. Daddy (1000 times)
  19. Celia
  20. George
  21. Ezzy
  22. Mio
  23. Myself
  24. Healthy Daddy
  25. Papa
  26. Lights
  27. Snow
  28. Ewan closing drawer without taking things
  29. Going out to play
  30. Reading “Touching The Waves”


  1. Cheese
  2. French fries
  3. New sippy cup
  4. Glue – he does really love to glue things
  5. Dinner table
  6. “uh oh’s”
  7. The Family
  8. Nursing pillow
  9. Applesauce
  10. Curried chickpeas
  11. Music
  12. Vampire bat project
  13. Da-da
  14. High fives
  15. New teeth
  16. Climbing
  17. Mama
  18. Josie
  19. Celia
  20. Papa
  21. Pama
  22. I can jump!
  23. Toy strollers
  24. Carriers
  25. Hair
  26. Rice
  27. Beans
  28. Nursing
  29. Waldo Park
  30. Thanksgiving!


  1. Family dance party
  2. Warm house
  3. Loving wife
  4. My health
  5. Healthy Josie
  6. Healthy Celia
  7. Darling Jen’s cooking
  8. Healthy Ewan
  9. Going skating with Josie and Celia
  10. My job
  11. Vacation
  12. Our kitties
  13. Fred is safe after surgery
  14. Chai lattes
  15. Help from Pama and Papa
  16. Video games
  17. Quebrada outings
  18. Our bikes
  19. Our neighborhood
  20. Safe travels
  21. Waldo park
  22. Friendly neighbors
  23. Silvia who cleans our house
  24. Music
  25. Mommy’s pictures
  26. Abuela and Abuelo
  27. My brother and sister
  28. Daddy and kid dates
  29. Kids learning well
  30. Family games

Jen’s list

  1. Our health
  2. Daddy
  3. Electricity
  4. Strong bodies
  5. Warm house
  6. Polite children
  7. Lady who gave us a cage for Fred
  8. Fred is alive
  9. Pama and Papa
  10. 60 degrees in November
  11. Healthy Celia
  12. Healthy Josie
  13. Abuela and Abuelo
  14. Angell Hospital
  15. Doctors
  16. Camera
  17. Sunshine preschool
  18. Healthy Ewan
  19. Angell Memorial Animal Hospital (oops that got on there twice!)
  20. Mr Rogers
  21. Library
  22. Washer and dryer
  23. Dinosaurs are dead
  24. Modern Medicine
  25. Neighborhood
  26. Grocery store
  27. Microwave
  28. Our minivan
  29. Warm bed
  30. Waldo Park

Josie at 6.75 years old

Thursday, March 19th, 2015 by Jen

This update is very special edition because Josie is writing it with me. She’s read the whole book of the first two years of her life (the blog made into a book) and enjoyed hearing the stories so I wanted to give her a chance to contribute too. We’ve also been very behind in our Josie reports, but she’s been more consistent all year so it will be easier to catch up.

This year Josie has been homeschooling. We’ve been making a weekly list of things that I try to finish each week. I study math, multiplication, addition, and subtraction, mad libs (part of speech), journaling, handwriting (with the handwriting without tears curriculum), spanish reading, spelling, reading out loud and reading independently. This week I did a worksheet on the words ‘there, they’re and their’. I think homeschooling is going really well and it’s fun. I want to homeschool next year.

Other than school, I have been doing gymnastics, ballet, swimming and choir. At home I have been working on my cartwheels and handstands, gymnastics is the funnest thing in the world. For my ballet recital this year we will be doing the happy prince, and I get to be in it! We started learning the dance and we’re trying to get to know the places we will be on stage. I just finished a session of swimming and now I started a new one with the same teacher, Miss Sarah. This last session I got rid of my bubble and now swim with no flotation help all class.

And now Josie has mostly lost interest in writing about herself so I’ll add some more. We’ve had a great year with her at home, I can tailor her lessons to her interests and to her strengths and weaknesses. We slow down and speed up as needed. Plus I can include Ewan and Celia in a lot of the lessons at different levels. Josie also teaches Celia a lot of her lessons (not by my request! this is them playing) to review math and reading. Plus we all get to cuddle and read. Josie is also a voracious reader herself. Most mornings she hangs out in bed for an hour reading. It improves her mood and gives us all some time to wake up and get moving.

As a six year old she can really communicate complicated thoughts and ideas to us and it’s a blast to hear what she’s thinking about and understanding about the world around her. It’s also interested to see what she’s picking up from books because she has more  free time to read than I do and so I can’t pre-read the stuff she’s reading. We generally read a book together at night, we’ve been reading the dolphin diaries series and also Charlotte’s web lately. I made sure to finish up Charlotte’s web during the day though, not right before bed since it is a rough ending.

Otherwise Josie plays with a number of friends from choir and around town. I also ran a math club for two months that Josie and Celia joined in and we got to meet a number of new friends and practice our math. One of her favorite activities of the week is Games Day which is a homeschool get together at the local library for a few hours of playing (mostly board) games with other kids, we all go and it’s been a great way to learn about other new games and try them out.  Let’s hope we can stay healthy as the weather warms up and we can all enjoy getting outside more and Josie’s dying to get back onto her bike (but she’ll need a new one as the current one is too small!)

  • Size/weight: 8, ~50″ tall, 62 lbs
  • Favorite foods: pasta, pizza, cheese
  • Favorite toy: stuffed cat named ribbon
  • Favorite book: Animal Ark series (Also re-reading Ramona series, the Dolphin Diaries series, and the Buddy Dog series)
  • Favorite activity: play dolls with Celia and Ewan
  • Sleeping: bedtime ~8; gets up about 6:30
  • New skill: swim without a bubble, better handstands and cartwheels
  • Teeth: Lost her first two! Gained 5 more, 23 teeth
  • Literacy: reading chapter books

Josie at 6.75

Josie as hello kitty

P52 #10 – not quite posed

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 by Jen

Well this week was tough finding them in good spirits playing together, more often carping on one another. So I got to dinner today and went ‘ack I don’t have a photo for my project!’ so they mostly decided they were going to pose for me. I threw Rody out in the rug and said ‘everybody sit on him!’ and got my picture. I’ll work on getting better next week, but we’re mostly getting rained on these days and I haven’t taken my camera anywhere fun. Also Jordi is now sick, hopefully he’ll feel better soon.

Josie, Celia and Ewan on the rug

P52 #9 – Our 9 millionth plague this winter

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 by Jen

week 9

The opportunities for pictures were very slim this week as Josie fell ill on Saturday night and stayed in bed until mid-day today barely eating a thing and not drinking too much. But then as the fever broke she was back to running around, screaming and talking a mile a minute. I was keeping her quarantined to her bed as much as possible and the other kids away from her to try to minimize contamination. Ewan started his fever unfortunately last night and it continued today. What you’re seeing above is him right after nap, when his fever had spiked, I gave him tylenol and also a wet washcloth to the head to help cool him down. I rather like the spiky hair look. He also has decided on new fashion accessories today which were the yellow rain boots as seen above, hand-me-downs from our cousin Harrison, and Josie’s frozen t-shirt. He cried every time someone tried to take his boots off, so we left them on, all day.

Josie and Celia in the background are both examining their science kits they got for Christmas to see which experiments they want to do next. We’ve done several already, but there are more to come. Yesterday Celia made a traditional exploding volcano, and today we made baking soda crystals, which also exploded, but I don’t think that was supposed to happen. Josie was planning to make paper today, but we didn’t get to it yet. One small bonus to being home sick is lots of time for projects like these that are hard to fit around their many activities sometimes!

Celias first year of ballet

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 by Jen

Celia just finished up her season of ballet for the year. For some reason she only gets two semesters of class while Josie’s goes on for quite some time more leading up to the recital in May. I wish Celia got some more lessons, but I do think it wise not to rope 4 year olds into recitals. For her last class we got to observe and I brought my camera. Celia was rightly very proud of herself for all that she had learned. She moved slowly and carefully trying to pay attention to all the small details. Our own little tiny dancer!

Doing the 'ballet walk'

Kneeling and pretty hands

Pointing her toes

Talking with friends

P52 #8 – Building a crib

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 by Jen

Here’s my kids over the weekend building a crib for their dolls. The same situation happens again and again, Celia and Josie are building, Ewan wants to help, they scream ‘nooooooooooooo’ and we try to help them figure out how to play together. Then he builds with them, as seen in this picture, but only a few seconds later of course that rather unsupported tall skinny tower he’s making topples over, and Ewan thinks it’s fun so he starts kicking all the other walls down too. Complaining begins again… all the joys of one year olds.


Ezzy photobomb

Sunday, March 1st, 2015 by Jen

While setting up for the monthly shot…

Celia, with Ezzy