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P52 #44 – Goodbye Mio

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 by Jen

Today we sadly had to say our goodbyes to Mio. He was the best cat you could ever ask for. He loved us all and was buddies with all the other cats too. He’d been sick for about two years now and gotten thinner and thinner and today his body had just had enough and we needed to let go. Ezzy stayed by his side most of the day today and he gave us lots of purrs of appreciation for loving and petting. We also gave him one more trip upstairs to inspect the newly redone floors and I hope they met his approval.


As always he was surrounded by his best buds. The other cats seemed to know he needed more cuddles lately and were around a lot.

Three on the couch

And even through last month he was tolerating Ewan being his loving buddy.

Ewan holding Mio

Mio came to us not yet born of a homeless cat who was severely pregnant. (Once she tried to jump into a window, but her belly was so big with all the kittens that she couldn’t possibly balance on the narrow sill and fell off.) We named her Penelope. She eventually gave birth to 9 kittens, 8 of whom survived. Mio loved cuddling up with us and eventually we decided we had to keep him while letting the others all go out to be adopted. He moved right into our bed with us, depositing himself directly in the middle of the pillows between Jordi and I. He’s been so very tolerant of the other cats, and of the kids learning how to be nice to cats as they’ve grown. We will miss him so much.