Hartwell House Front



April 5th, 2003

The Hartwell House
Lexington, Massachusetts



Hartwell House Garden RoomWe were getting married at this beautiful place in Lexington. The ceremony took place in their garden room. With a view to their pond and fountain from the garden room and decorated in flowers, it was a stunning site. We ended up having a "white wedding" as snow fell outside the while we spoke our vows. It was unexpected and a bit cold but it turned out magical.

The ceremony went very well and dinner was excellent. The cake was amazing. It turned out better than we ever imagined. We're still flattered every time we think about the speeches during dinner. After dinner it seemed everyone was dancing and having a blast. 

As anyone who has had a wedding will tell you, the only problem was that is was over so quickly. We got lots of pictures though and even some video.

Engagement Party

Before the wedding, we had a wonderful engagement party on December 28th, 2002 in Miami, Florida at Jordi's parents' new home.  Many of Jordi's friends and family live in Florida.  It was wonderful to celebrate with them before the wedding and have more of our two families get to know each other. Check out the pictures of the event.