Engagement Story

We met in college in 1997 at Carnegie Mellon. We kept running into each other and hanging out together becoming very good friends. We stayed up all night talking about nothing in particular and soon we realized we were more than just friends. Throughout college we were inseparable and when Jen went to MIT for graduate school, I followed her to Boston. Our fourth anniversary together was coming up and I decided that I was ready to ask her to be my bride.

Jen and Jordi were engaged on this bridge. Photo (c) FreeFoto.comThe day came, April 8th, 2002, and we went to the Boston Public Garden on a beautiful spring day. There is a very scenic spot in the Public Garden where a small pedestrian bridge hangs over a pond surrounded in grass and flowers. I walked her to the bridge and hugged her for a while as I calmed the butterflies in my stomach. Then I reached into my bag and gave her 5 red roses. Each of the roses represented a year we had been together and an extra rose was for another year to come. Jen has told me many times before that she isn't always fond of flowers as a symbol of love because they die so quickly. So I got down on one knee and presented her with another flower, this one made of wax. I told her that this flower would last forever just like our love. Then I asked her to marry me. I didn't practice this, thinking the words would come in the moment...big mistake. I was practically speechless at that point. Jen was smiling and asked me if she could say "maybe." I said sure and she laughed and said "maybe...yes." It had been a running joke of ours about saying maybe during a proposal. She couldn't miss the chance!

Jen's engagement ringSo we kissed and hugged and then we turned around and walked towards the diamond building in Boston just down the road. We went together to pick out her engagement ring, a very elegant round diamond solitaire on a platinum band. Soon after that we placed an offer on a condominium and now we own a place together and are living happily married after the wedding, which was in April of 2003.







The photo of the bridge is courtesy of FreeFoto.com