Celias first year of ballet

Celia just finished up her season of ballet for the year. For some reason she only gets two semesters of class while Josie’s goes on for quite some time more leading up to the recital in May. I wish Celia got some more lessons, but I do think it wise not to rope 4 year olds into recitals. For her last class we got to observe and I brought my camera. Celia was rightly very proud of herself for all that she had learned. She moved slowly and carefully trying to pay attention to all the small details. Our own little tiny dancer!

Doing the 'ballet walk'

Kneeling and pretty hands

Pointing her toes

Talking with friends

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  1. Sonya Says:

    I loved these so much, Carlos said “she so adorable i can’t even look at her”

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