P52 #9 – Our 9 millionth plague this winter

week 9

The opportunities for pictures were very slim this week as Josie fell ill on Saturday night and stayed in bed until mid-day today barely eating a thing and not drinking too much. But then as the fever broke she was back to running around, screaming and talking a mile a minute. I was keeping her quarantined to her bed as much as possible and the other kids away from her to try to minimize contamination. Ewan started his fever unfortunately last night and it continued today. What you’re seeing above is him right after nap, when his fever had spiked, I gave him tylenol and also a wet washcloth to the head to help cool him down. I rather like the spiky hair look. He also has decided on new fashion accessories today which were the yellow rain boots as seen above, hand-me-downs from our cousin Harrison, and Josie’s frozen t-shirt. He cried every time someone tried to take his boots off, so we left them on, all day.

Josie and Celia in the background are both examining their science kits they got for Christmas to see which experiments they want to do next. We’ve done several already, but there are more to come. Yesterday Celia made a traditional exploding volcano, and today we made baking soda crystals, which also exploded, but I don’t think that was supposed to happen. Josie was planning to make paper today, but we didn’t get to it yet. One small bonus to being home sick is lots of time for projects like these that are hard to fit around their many activities sometimes!

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