P52 #11 – Two of three airborne

Celia Josie and Ewan jumping

Saved by my flash tonight as I repeatedly throughout the day remembered that I needed to take my weekly shot, but then had one child or another unavailable, and then remembered, and then forgot, and then bam the day is done. Definitely compared to having a 1 year old 5+ years ago, the day goes very quickly. We’re always moving onto one thing and the next. But one thing to remember about this time of life is the striped pants, or no pants, as those are generally the preferences. This is one of Josie’s favorite outfits, she basically is wearing the same three outfits again and again and again without using her other clothes. Ewan generally prefers not to wear pants, but definitely wants to wear his boots (not allowed today as they have mud on them).

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