Celia at 6 months

Today Celia is six months old and so she got her first eats! She was eager, but not exactly in awe of the food and the excitement was short lived. She didn’t nap a lot today and so she was pretty tired and had limited patience. More about that later though in another post.

This month Celia has continued to strengthen her ability to sit and walk while holding onto our hands. She can stand up for a few seconds before she tilts and she can walk at a decent speed while holding on. She can’t yet walk with only one hand supporting her though, despite her efforts to do so. She just spins around and falls. She can hold herself up to the music table too and cruise along a little bit without any help.

We’ve had some teething this month with her second tooth coming in, lots of drooling and complaining. She really wants to be going and about, days at home are not satisfying for her and thankfully the weather is giving us more opportunities to go out. She fits into our bigger baby hawk carrier now and will sleep on my back and front in that giving us more freedom to move about.

She has thankfully stopped the ear piercing shrieks in exchange for a general whiny attitude unless she is being walked about, fed, or chewing on something she’s not supposed to. It’s been hard to get anything done and her sleep has been terrible too. I just don’t even want to talk about it.

I’ve started doing baby-signing with her, but I’m not that consistent yet. Josie has been re-learning them as she doesn’t remember a thing. Celia has learned one game though with some positive reinforcement, peekaboo! She loves to pull a (clean) diaper over her own face and hide for a second and then hear us yell peek-a-boo when she pulls it down.

While we’re all still in love with her, right now is mostly a time of frustration, while she learns how to walk even though she can’t yet. Josie could take multiple steps on her own at 6.5 months, so maybe we’ll get there soon. She can roll pretty well, it’s too bad she hasn’t figured out that rolling can get her places.

  • Size/weight: 9 and 12 month size, 16 lbs, I’ll save height for when I get Josie’s in two weeks.
  • Favorite food: breastmilk
  • Favorite toy: sophie the giraffe
  • Favorite book: just eating any of them
  • Favorite activity: walking, watching Josie
  • Sleeping: waking all the time, 2 -3 naps, one long one usually, up at 7, in bed at 8.
  • New skill: walking holding on, trying to stand
  • Teeth: 2 bottom center
  • Vocalizations: whining

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