I didn’t want to buy the sweet potatoes

Tonight I went to the grocery store and had a long pause in the vegetable aisle. Celia is six months old this Sunday, the age at which we’ve decided to start feeding our babies actual food instead of exclusively nursing, for many reasons. Sweet potatoes are up first. Celia is literally chomping at the bit now to get her hands on some food although an empty cup and a spoon have been very exciting at the dinner table for a few minutes at least.

She’s getting so big and it feels so fast. She can stand on her own two feet now (literally) for a few seconds, she’ll be walking in two months if she continues to match Josie’s rate of mobility. She’s got opinions now on where she’d like to go and what she’d like to do and while they’re nothing compared to Josie’s opinions (often simultaneous and conflicting) about life, she’s only going to have more. She’ll hopefully start using baby signs in a few months to communicate with us even more directly than she does now with her body language. It’s so exciting to watch her discover about her body and the world.

Josie’s in her own big bed in her own big room and I can only imagine Celia will want to move to that room younger than Josie moved out as she just adores Josie. It’s our job to raise them so that they don’t need us and there’s obviously no question whatsoever that they are still totally reliant on us now but the difference between 6 months and three years has gone so fast. Most of Josie’s friends are going to preschool in the fall, we’re keeping Josie home one more year before we send her. Then comes real school.

I didn’t want to buy the sweet potatoes.

2 Responses to “I didn’t want to buy the sweet potatoes”

  1. PAMA Says:

    Beautifully written. You really convey the conflicted sentiments that parents feel. One question. Did you buy the sweet potatoes?

  2. jen Says:

    Yes I bought them! Although now I realize that I planned a recipe for them later in the week and I don’t know if I bought enough because you know Josie is going to insist on eating all sweet potatoes (despite telling me she doesn’t like them) all week since that’s what Celia is getting.

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