Celia’s adventures in eating: sweet potato

Last night Celia got her first chance to eat some real food. Like Josie, we started her off with sweet potato. She was definitely eager to grab the new thing in front of her and shove it in her mouth. She wasn’t so thrilled about the taste and texture, the new bib held a lot of interest. Her entire eating session was barely longer than the video below, which is very long for our standard videos. She enjoyed playing with it and the feeling, but I think she was too tired to do much.

Tonight she was more well rested and got a second chance with the sweet potato and was very enthusiastic. It’s not clear how much she ate, but she did a better job of grabbing the food and putting it in and biting it. She definitely got pieces in her mouth, and many were slowly split out. We’ll find out when we get a diaper if anything was swallowed, I think she ate some. Very minimal gagging and not too many funny faces even. She made a big grab for Jordi’s bread when he served her more sweet potato, so she’s looking out for more. Josie thinks we should do broccoli next. [note all our videos are in HD now so you can improve the quality in the settings on the bottom from where it says 360p]

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  1. Papa Says:

    “Hello!” to the latest member of the “Clean Plate Club” (don’t look under the table).

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