Drumlin Farm with Kate, Ella and Nolan

Last week we went to Drumlin farm with our little menagerie of toddlers. I haven’t been to Drumlin, at least in my memory so it was a new experience. We had an ok time but it’s not a place we’ll be racing to go back to. Everything was quite spread out and it was quite hot even in the morning. Josie’s highlights were the goats, the tractors, the wooden horses to sit on, and the chicken house. They all had a great time playing with the pretend egg sorter although they didn’t quite get the point of it yet. They each took their turn on a small tractor too.

We saw a goat get milked and Josie enjoyed petting the then trapped goat.

The next day I happened to go to playtime, the local arts and crafts store, and they had some wooden eggs so I got one for Josie’s cooking set. She knew just what it was and proceeded to boil it.

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