Stone Zoo with Kate, Ella and Nolan

With all the good weather we’ve been having lately we’ve been spending some quality time with our buddies Ella and Nolan (not related) and their nanny Kate. Last week we went to the stone zoo with them and looked around for the morning. They all have a good time together and it’s great to have some adult company.

For the first time we got a tremendous look at the snow leopard. It was like it was waiting for us in the morning, sitting directly at the bottom in front of the fence. We’ve been lucky to catch a glimpse of the cat’s tail before if anything. If you’re headed there, make sure to go there first. Here’s a little video, the cat was pacing and playing.

Nolan was very interested in the nature, the rocks and dirt. For the first time we also got to pet the goats and sheep in the petting area, they’d never been open before. They all loved the old rusted train cart, at least compared to the lazy sleeping cats. Guess we can see that at home.

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