Feast of the East 2010

Not so much feast, more just horse-riding. We had a few munchies but there seems to be a little less stuff year after year. Highlights this year were the $1 mango lassis and the horses. Last year Josie was petrified, this year she rode two of them. We showed up right at the beginning and there was thankfully no line. Josie also tried out the bounce house for about 30 seconds but I think she was too tired as it was nap time.

Then after mastering the short ride with the little pony, she chose the biggest one next.

Note the difference in Jordi vs. Josie’s head height between these two shots. Josie also got to try her first italian ice because I sure needed it on this hot day. She enjoyed it but didn’t gulp it the way she would with ice cream! At this point she was pretty beat and was too tired to walk anymore, except when we saw the clown with balloons, and then we hightailed it out of there again!

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