Memorial Day

Monday of memorial day weekend we hopped into the car and drove out to Kimball Farm. We met up with a few other families to play in the sand (volleyball court), eat, ride the pony and eat again. It was a nice way to spend the morning with a nap included on the ride home.

Last year at the Feast Of The East here in Arlington (which is this upcoming weekend this year) we tried to get Josie to ride on a pony but she insisted otherwise. This time she was itching to get on and have a ride. Jordi walked around with her and she did well.

We spent sometime just playing in the sand, looking at the people playing golf and the big hot air balloon.

Finally, we got ice cream the size of our head. They have a crazy ‘special’ ice cream with three flavors, all the sauces and toppings in one giant mess of a heap for only about $6. Much cheaper than buying even two small ice creams! Strawberry for Josie, vanilla for Jordi and mint cookie for me. We dug in and made it almost halfway through with three of us. Had to make sure Josie wasn’t looking when I tossed that in the trash! Not the healthiest day ever given lunch was mostly french fries, but we made up for it at dinner.

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