Happy Birthday Grandpa

Earlier this month we celebrated my dad’s birthday. We went to my parents house bright and early and brought them Quebrada almond croissants. We made an apple tart which Josie enjoyed cutting and measuring for. My dad has a nifty device to peel, cut, and core apples all at the same time. She used it that day for the first time. Just had to keep her fingers away from the blades.

Every time we go to my parents house Josie feeds the cats wet food. To the point of where Molly starts yelling at us right when we get there. She’s ready for her meal and she expects it to be brought to her on a plate no matter where she is lounging at the time. Josie happily complies. Ginny on the other hand tends to run away from the loud toddler footsteps and often doesn’t eat her food, we give more to Molly who needs it anyway.

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