Sunday in NYC

Sunday morning, we slept in a bit after our long day at the zoo and out to dinner. We took our time and ambled around the area of the southeast corner of central park. Jordi and Josie played in a dry fountain climbing up high.

I hung around trying to take pictures surreptitiously. Josie often tells us to put the camera away when she see’s me with it or she’ll just avoid looking at me completely. Once I was at a distance I was able to actually take some pictures. Back to NYC… Josie was a huge fan of the horses with carriages at central park and we visited them every day to see them. Sunday evening, to celebrate our anniversary, we took a ride on the horses too. This one in particular.

They’ve got a bit of a racket going on with the horses as the signs all say $34 for half an hour, and you get in the carriage and they tell you $40 for 20 minutes. Because the trip around does only take twenty minutes, but perhaps with the loading and unloading it’s about half an hour and since this place is mostly tourists, often international ones, they’re ‘including’ their tip in the price. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the ride through the park on our horse Rudy.

In the middle of the day we also took Josie to F.A.O. to see all the crazy toys. She liked the trucks section, the art supplies and the stuffed animals the most. We had a big parade of hugs through the stuffed animals. First it was the panda’s.

Then the turtle

Then back to the panda’s

And onto the zebra stacking. Apparently zebra’s are for riding, by dolphins,

And clifford the dog got in on the action too.

Finally we said goodbye to the llama and headed out for lunch

And after all that, what did we buy her? Nada, nothing. And she didn’t even ask for anything actually which was lucky because she certainly knows the words ‘Mommy buy it’. I guess she just enjoyed the experience and so did we. Later that night we met up with my cousin Will and had dinner at a nice Mexican place on 1st avenue.

Yes the place was really that pink. They were also in a New York frame of mind it seems with the bill, because the tax they put on the bill could be most accurately called a round estimate rather than a calculation. This was unfortunately the end of our play time with Daddy because he was off to work the next day and Josie and I had the day to ourselves.

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