Ew Ork on Monday

Monday, we were still in New York, but Jordi had to work, so it was just me and Josie hanging out. I was not brave enough to bring out Josie and the big camera at the same time and have to keep my eye on two valuable things at once. So the camera stayed home and there are no pictures.

You might be wondering what is Ew Ork? That’s how Josie says New York. I guess the hard N and Y are too tough right now to say. She’s also developed the habit of saying ‘my’ to mean all of the following: my, me, mine, I. As in “That’s mys!”, “daddy pick my up!”.

Meanwhile, back in Ew Ork. Josie and I went out for breakfast at a place called “Eat Here Now”, just a little diner on Lexington Ave, conveniently near the central park zoo. We had a nice quick breakfast where Josie tried and rejected grapefruit for the first time. We heckled a local who was bemoaning the Red Sox winning the game the night before but didn’t get kicked out.

We moseyed over a few blocks to the zoo, but it was only 9am and it didn’t open till 10 so we killed some time watching the sea lions from the sidewalk and trying to pet people’s dogs that walked by. We enjoyed the main part of the zoo in the morning, Josie’s favorites were the sea lions and the snow monkeys. I have really loved the polar bears in the past but they were drastically unexciting this time, spending their entire time sleeping other than one rubbing his neck on a rock for about 5 minutes straight.

The only incident was with the penguins. We went in, Josie really liked watching them and we were awaiting the feeding demonstration. Then I had to mention what penguins eat, fish of course. Josie said ‘swim swim fish?’, and I confirmed that fish swim and she quickly started asking to see any other animal she could think of “go see lion? go see polar bears? go see sea lion?”. Seems my daughter isn’t too fond of the idea that penguins eat fish. Good thing she doesn’t seem to be bothered by the cats eating tuna FISH, or you know grandma and grandpa although she probably hasn’t seen them do it. So we had to leave, even though I really wanted to see the feeding. I learned to keep my mouth shut for the sea lion demonstration where they were again serving fish of course and we really enjoyed it.

Mid-day we went back to the hotel, grabbed some soup and sandwiches on the way, had lunch and took a nap. We definitely made the right move getting to the zoo right when it opened, it was a mob scene by noon.

In the afternoon, we (read I, pushing a stroller) walked back to the zoo to visit the children’s zoo section, which is separate. We saw yet more ducks and then found the feeding farm animals section which was Josie’s favorite. We fed the sheep and a very slobbery cow. Josie also learned how to wait for someone else to feed a sheep, then take advantage to pet the sheep while the sheep is busy eating. They had an alpaca which “Josie no like” because the thing wouldn’t come over to eat or be pet, it just looked scared stiff. They kicked us all out at 5, we played at a nearby park for a little while and we hopped a bus back to the hotel to have dinner with Jordi, considering it was our wedding anniversary and all!

The next morning I packed us up and Josie and I took the train back home while Jordi stayed for some more work. Thankfully the trip home was perfectly on-time and uneventful.

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    whoa, the cats eat grandma and grandpa?? crazy!


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