Bronx Zoo

Saturday morning we were in New York we went out to the Bronx Zoo to check out the animals. That place is big and after we got past our transportation issues (hint, don’t take the bus, take the subway) we dug into the zoo. We saw tigers and spent lots of time in the children’s zoo section. There we saw the prairie dogs (got to pretend to be one), feed the goats and ride down a big huge slide built into a tree. They also had some great bigger-than-life pictures of the caterpillar from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” which Josie enjoyed giving hugs and kisses too. Josie managed to take a nap her in stroller, we rode the carousel, had some ice cream and the afternoon was over far too quickly! We took the subway back home and met up with Larry and his girlfriend for dinner, they both deftly avoided the camera which we were too exhausted to remember to pull out. After a full day in the sun walking around we were beat and slept like rocks that night and had an extra long nap the following day too.

Here we are at the prairie dog exhibit, it sure is convenient to have one tall and one short parent. Jordi couldn’t squeeze into these kid size tunnels, but I sure could!

Here is Josie at the bottom of the big tree slide. You should have heard the collective gasp of all the women waiting at the bottom for their kids when Josie slid down like this. Thankfully she stopped at the point you see her there, and I was able to grab her before anyone came down behind her!

It was hard to convince Josie to open her fingers up for the goats to eat, because the food would start to drop, but we figured it out. We fed sheep, goats and looked at the chickens and the pigs.

Shortly there after, Josie took a nap, Jordi made some phone calls for work and I played with the camera and my depth of field adjustments.

Here’s the caterpillar and Josie posing with it. She really started to ham it up for her audience as people coo’d at her kissing and hugging it.

More PDA for the pictures.

We successfully rode on the carousel. Josie was on a ladybug which we ran to get for her, not wanting to find out the consequences of not securing the right ‘ride’ for her. We took the tram to another part of the park, found out they close some exhibits earlier than the official closing time (argh!) and missed the monkey exhibit she’d been asking for. We’re learning better that time just gets away from you with a toddler so do the most important things first, always even if it’s not most efficient. Also toddlers like walking through the nature path playing with acorns about as much as seeing the animals, so don’t make things too crazy.

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