Ewan at 9 and a half months

Life sure has been busy and Ewan has been growing and changing quickly late. His biggest news is learning to walk last week. On Sunday he could take a few steps. By Tuesday he could do the whole room. Now he likes to challenge himself by walking around carrying something. Often something heavy. He likes to carry shoes and water bottles and books.

He spends most of his time now wandering around on his new awesome legs, picking things up and chewing on them. He loves to watch his big sisters do things and tries to do them himself as well. If they get loud, he gets loud. It’s a loud house. He can also wave hi and bye now, and even says hi and bye (somewhat understandably). His best word, and first, is ‘mama’. That’s what he hears all day long as the girls call for me, so no big surprise there! This morning Celia called for me and Ewan echoed her right away with another ‘mama’!

He’s got himself solidly down to one nap unless we have an odd schedule and take a longer car ride a bit too early or late in the day. He’ll sleep generally an hour and a half, and then overnight from 8pm to 7am. He’s eating a few foods, mostly out of me being too lazy to provide quite the variety. His favorites are definitely beans and O cereal.

Ewan loves to be outside, where again he wanders around holding things in his hands and trying to eat them. He had a good dirt mustache going this morning from all the things I had to pull out of his mouth. He also likes the sand table and how it feels on his hands. He does not like baths or his car seat. Although he did mostly like the pool if I was holding him in it. He also doesn’t like getting his diaper changed much either. Until yesterday though he had a strange misunderstanding about his physical capabilities. Perhaps he thought he was a turtle, but he had previously assumed that if he was on his back, he couldn’t roll over. Yet given his ability to crawl and everything else, he certainly had the muscle strength. Now he’s figured it out unfortunately and diaper changes have begun to be a wrestling match. We’ve been fighting a fungal infection on him for a long time which has been unpleasant for all. The doc says that they just come and go, but he’s not getting rid of it for more than a few days and I’m pretty unhappy about it.

All in all he’s a pretty happy guy, so long as he can wander around and play with everything. He does have more opinions lately and is very feisty when something is taken away from him. His squeals of displeasure are not unlike a pig. He has also inherited the family trait of sticking his tongue out slightly when concentrating.

He has 8 teeth holding strong, but the molars look like they’re starting to bother him. He is 29 inches tall (two inches taller than the girls at this age!) and about 19 lbs.

Ewan at 9.5 months

Ewan smiling at 9.5 months

Ewan in black and white at 9.5 months


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