November’s Thankful Things

Way back in November, for the whole month, we sit down at dinner and list off the things we are thankful for. We try to get a new one each day and try to even write them down for each day. Sometimes we have to play catch up for a few days, and sometimes we let small children fudge with the ‘no repeats’ rule. It’s always a joy to hear what they have to say to be thankful for. This year almost every day Celia said she was thankful for a ‘healthy baby Ewan.’ He certainly is the biggest change we’ve had this year. We also had a bad stomach bug this month so it reminded us all to be well thankful for our health! And those around us! Here’s their lists.


  1. Mommy
  2. Red Sox
  3. My ABC’s (the art we do to discuss/learn the letters)
  4. Nice house to live in
  5. Healthy Ewan
  6. Healthy Papa
  7. Healthy Celia
  8. Healthy Josie
  9. Healthy Daddy
  10. Ice skating
  11. Quebrada
  12. Nice Mommy
  13. Fun Pama
  14. Good Dinner
  15. Three birthday parties!
  16. Museum trips
  17. Throwing leaves at Connor
  18. Healthy Ewan
  19. A mommy to love
  20. Daddy working hard at work
  21. Watching TV
  22. Dollhouse and toys and games
  23. A new baby brother and a healthy daddy
  24. New Warm House (umm who got a new house?)
  25. Daddy helping me while sick
  26. Our new car
  27. Bronwyn and Blake
  28. Kind Josie
  29. Silly Mio
  30. Mommy not stepping one me when I fall down (ummm what??)

Josie’s list

  1. Sister whom I love
  2. Watching red sox from office (we saw the victory parade from Jordi’s office!)
  3. MacKenzie’s party
  4. New presents
  5. Good dinner
  6. Fun Ewan
  7. Eating M&M cookies
  8. Long weekends
  9. Watching the movie
  10. Dinner with Zach and Ethan
  11. Ice skating
  12. Nice mommy
  13. Ezzy looking so cute
  14. Mommy coming to school
  15. Making good cookies
  16. Going to the museum and learning new facts
  17. French fries and Liam (a boy in her class)
  18. New books
  19. A mommy to love
  20. Daddy working hard at work
  21. Watching TV
  22. Ewan feeling better
  23. Celia worked out her frustration smoothly (i.e. Celia didn’t hit me when she was mad)
  24. Nice house to live in
  25. Mommy making good soup
  26. Thankful we have money to buy each other presents
  27. Irsa (girl from school)
  28. Silly Mio
  29. Warm house
  30. Warm clothes and electricity

Jordi and I offered up some other boring things like the health of our parents and families, clothes, housing and food to eat, each other and our fun times as a family. We are blessed!


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