Christmas 2013 (part 1)

This year for Christmas we were down in Miami, away from the snow and cold. I am still having to adjust to a non-cold Christmas even after eight(?) years of doing it!

the stockings

We spent pretty much our entire visit just trying to soak up time with the loved ones so everyone got to meet Ewan and hang out together. The newest members of the family, cousin Ben only 9 months old, and Ewan spent a lot of time together, sharing toys. You get lots of pictures because what’s more cute than one baby? two babies!

Ben hey look, grass Who are those people? Tio javi is sooo funny!

We had a very short photo session with the two of them outside and it was hilariously ineffective. Ewan was easy, because he can’t move and just sits there, he has no choice. Ben is constantly on the move though. We’d put him on the blanket and he’d crawl the wrong way, no matter where we put him, he’d crawl a different direction, immediately. Finally once we put them on the grass they were both very curious about what it was that they were sitting on that they sat still to examine it. And then laugh at us making funny faces at them.

It was also warm enough that we went swimming! Well those of us from Boston did, plus Ben and Sonya.

Ben, Sonya, Celia, Jen, Josie and Ewan

And we weren’t even the only ones in the pool! Ewan liked swimming and didn’t seem to mind the chilly water. Josie is tall enough to walk around the shallow end just barely now and Celia enjoyed being carried around the pool.

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