Ewan at 5 months

Thursday Ewan turned a whopping 5 months old! He’s growing and changing so quickly these days. You can literally see the change in clothes overnight at times. He’s into the 9 months clothes now for anything that’s one piece, the 6 month separates can still get on but are a bit short for keeping out the winter time chill. He has become a solid sitter in this last month and can sit for a long time without toppling over. Now he mostly falls forward because he’s trying to reach for something and lands on his own hands rather than smacking his head or face. I still keep a pillow behind him to prevent hard hits from when he tries to stand all of a sudden which just shoots his torso backwards into the floor. We have now had  the glory days of a baby that is happy to sit and play with toys. He’s getting very frustrated now that he can’t get up and move, he watches us and wants in on this deal.

He’s starting to learn how to better make his wishes know. Wishes like, mommy pick me up, or give me to mommy, or why is someone holding me who is not mommy? He holds his arms out to me now which is so adorable and effective at getting me to pick him up. He is not tolerating anyone else well right now which is a bummer, but it will pass just like it did with the girls. He’s learned to get comfortable on my back in the carrier so that’s a major plus for me getting things done around the house like dishes and laundry while he needs to be held. He has been napping back there too!

Vocally he’s very loud and has lots to say when he’s upset. He makes loud annoying repetative noises when he wants to be picked up or needs a diaper change, not exactly surprising that it works. He loves to watch us eat and chews along with us. He won’t often stand for sitting in the high chair now, he wants to be held during meals. It will be nice to start feeding him some solids next month so he’ll be busy while we eat too. He wants every toy that everyone else has. It’s gonna be a big adjustment when he can start moving! I keep trying to warn the girls how things are going to have to change and be cleaned up better. He’ll love it when he can get to me whenever he wants to, unlike now when he’s so sad to be accross the room from me!

Ewan - 5 months


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