Snow play

Yesterday we got out into the snow we got earlier this week. Snow with the three kids, school, and a baby is making it for a rough winter. Plus our neighbor was out of town this week too. We did find someone to pay to help thankfully too. But for the girls snow is fun still. Today I stood on the porch carrying Ewan on my back in a carrier under a coat to get him to nap while I supervised them playing in the snow. They started with shoveling the sleds full of snow, then climbing up and around all over things. Josie asked to jump out a window, I said no. Later on they played ‘snow rescue’. Celia pretended to fall down and break her leg, and Josie put her in one sled and  then the other to treat and rescue her from it.

Celia in the first sled

Celia buckled into the second sled

Plus one non-traditional snow angel.

Josie in the sled

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  1. Papa Says:

    You do know where Cecilia got that “jump out the window” idea don’t you.

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