Our weekly ritual

Our little family doesn’t have too many traditions or rituals, we eat dinner together, and we go to Quebrada Baking Company most every weekend for breakfast one of the days. We’ve been told they have some of the best croissants in Boston and we really love them ourselves.  Mostly we get the spinach and cheese for breakfast, but the freshly made ones are fantastic, especially the chocolate. Since we won’t live here forever, I wanted to document our morning trips. I took some photos last fall but my set from last weekend was definitely better, yay for improvement!

We walk, carry or stroll our way over. We’re trying to get Josie to walk mostly now as she’s gotten a bit big for carrying, but carrying Celia is usually the best since we can share between me and Jordi. Last weekend the flowers on the trees in front of the church were in beautiful white bloom.

And on to the eating… When Celia was a baby she had to wait until 1 year to get her first butter/milk aka croissant but now she can gobble a whole one down herself. It’s the girls best serving of green vegetable all week I think as it’s loaded with spinach.

Sometimes Celia sits on the counter, Josie did when she was a baby, but now mostly she’s in our laps. There aren’t a ton of places to sit so we try not to take too many places. Josie likes to sit where she is in the above photo, which is the corner, lots of counter room to stretch out on.

When new people come in and see the sign you’ll often hear them laughing.

Once the eating is done, we usually chat up the baker and see what she’s making and how she does it. I like to ask her questions about how to improve my own skills and learn from what she’s doing. Josie likes to share her latest activities or what we’ll be doing that day. The morning before giving birth to Celia we actually were down at Quebrada talking to her about our soon to arrive kid!

Then it’s time for the long walk home. We usually let Celia walk and so it takes longer as they both get distracted by almost anything. Sometimes I’ll skip ahead home and get some chores done while they dawdle and explore. We come home full and ready to attack the day which is sadly already 1/3rd of the way done because we sure take our time at breakfast 🙂

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  1. Abuela Says:

    Love it Jen!

    I felt like I was there with you all! I busted out laughing when I read the sign…Can you believe I never noticed it before?…lol

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