Easter and passover 2012

This weekend was a busy one. Jordi went to PAX east to learn about new video games and me and the girls went to my parents to combine two holidays into one.

We dyed eggs first. Although Celia took it more to be a science experiment than egg dying. She had no interested in how it was supposed to be done. Instead she started by first throwing the egg into the dye and splattering everywhere. While I cleaned that up, she picked up the egg again, examined it and again threw it. By this time it had started to crack. She proceeded to peel the egg and then try dying the inside (which was very effective actually). Then she ripped the egg apart and also dyed the inside little pieces. She also tried scooping the dye into the egg (drying) carton and mixing the colors by the end.

Josie was surprisingly sedate and made many brightly colored eggs. We encouraged her to do some multi-color ones and try combining things and by the end she was into mixing colors as well. Once they’re all together they made a pretty dark green blue color.

Later we did two quick egg hunts, Celia again focused more on destroying the eggs she found instead of collecting them, but Josie had a blast finding them and hiding them.

After the eggs we focused on the passover story and ate a semi-traditional sedar dinner!

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