Celia at Three Months

Today is Celia’s three month birthday! She continues to be a very happy and cheerful baby. She’s generally quite easy going and loves to see all the action going on around her. She lights up at playgroups and sing-a-longs, while still enjoying time at home with Josie and I. She still mostly hates the car, but at least falls asleep faster in the convertible seat.

Physically she’s getting stronger and more coordinated, as of a little over a week ago she’s bringing things to her mouth, or at least trying to. She can stand on her legs (with us balancing her) for several minutes and insists on it often. She’s grabbing the hanging toys and pulling a bit.

She’s decided naps are for the weak and lately I’m only getting one good nap out of her each day of about 2-3 hours. Otherwise she’s doing cat-naps unless I’m wearing her, but she’s going to bed decently early (9pm) and not getting up for the day until 8am-ish. (yes Josie has trained us not to expect much in the sleep department).

I don’t have stats as there isn’t a three month appointment but she’s probably around 12.5-13 lbs and 25 inches long. If she follows along Josie’s growth she’ll slow down in that department a lot now compared to the first few months.

Celia loves to talk, her best time is when I read her my book during Josie’s nap/quiet time. I get to read what I want, and she gets someone talking to her. A few minutes in she just starts talking and never stops, just like me. Perhaps I should try to work on those conversation skills, but mama’s gotta get some reading time in for her own sanity.

Here’s a reminder of what Josie looked like.

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  1. Abuela Says:

    So cute!!! and so different to Josie…but as beautiful!!

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