Eggs and family needs

As I learn to be a mom in a family of four, I’m having to pick up some new tricks to make mornings go a little faster sometimes. Timing can be rough between nursing, showering and eating, I can often find myself the slow-cog in the getting us all out the door and into the world (because I need to eat, girls need to nurse, and I want to shower). I can’t change when Celia is hungry, we’ve both learned to shower less often, but making breakfast is something that I can speed up at times now. First help, I got a slow-cooker from my parents for Christmas. I didn’t know I wanted one, but I’ve now found it very useful for many things, most of which I will discuss later. But for now I’ve found it great for cooking oatmeal overnight. I make a water bath for a large measuring cup of milk and steel-cut oats (4-1 proportions), dash of salt, and it cooks on low for 8 hours overnight and is hot for me in the morning.

But often I want to eat eggs for breakfast for a big protein boost. I have been trying to toy around with recipes for ‘egg muffins’ which basically means omelet cooked in a muffin tin. I tried this one, at least in general, as I obviously didn’t put any sausage in it and the ‘muffins’ came out very airy and decently tasty for the first time, but deflated quickly and didn’t stay well in the fridge for the next day – which misses the point, I want to make them once and get to eat them for a few days. I have a few in the freezer too, but they haven’t been terribly attractive to me pulling them out.

So do you have a good egg casserole/muffin type recipe that is easy to reheat and in small enough portions? I have one broccoli ‘puff’ recipe which combines some flour and cheese with milk in a blender, but it’s rather time consuming and messy to make so I don’t do it often. I need a good morning egg strategy. Maybe I should just boil some?

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  1. Susan Says:

    Hi Jen,

    Try making breakfast burritos and then freezing them. 1 tortilla, scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheese. Make a bunch of eggs, and cook them with sausage, veggies, whatever. Then wrap up the tortillas with the eggs, cheese, etc. Wrap them in plastic wrap then freeze. When you want one, take it out and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes to reheat.

    Also, check out “egg mugs” from Hungry, mixing up some eggbeaters and mixins (cheese, veggies, etc.) in a mug, then put it in the microwave to heat.

    Hope these help!

    Take care,

  2. Francine Menendez Says:

    Hi Jen, I have retired from cooking now that I’m a single person, but I do love my eggs. I microwave them in a mug. Pam inside the mug, scramble the eggs, and go at 20 secs. intervals, with a fast scramble in between, until they reach the consistency you want. If you overcook them they come out a bit rubbery, but it’s really fast and convenient, and you find out very fast how long you should cook them for. I learned this from the site “Hungry Girl”.

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