Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas day itself was more quiet as we opened gifts in the morning and ate a yummy mid-day meal. The next day we got to visit family and friends, the Bailets and Mr and Mrs. Walker. The girls sported their matching pjs, who knows how much longer Josie will let me get away with it so I better do it while I can! Later in the day we went back to Sue’s house for yet more eating and playing with Zeke.

Somehow Jordi dodged a lot of photos. Seems he must have been behind the camera some.

On Sunday we sat down and us kids decorated a gingerbread house with Josie. She enjoyed it, but the whole thing is so messy and imprecise you sure can’t tell who decorated which side, the teenagers or the two year old.

And finally we did our traditional good-bye picture a day early, and inside, because it was cold, and everyone was there for once. Although we actually ended up staying an extra day though because of a snow-storm in Boston, we didn’t bother driving back in it since we all were lucky enough not to have to be back immediately.

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