Christmas Eve 2010

This year we had Christmas day at my aunt’s house in Harrisburg, PA where my dad grew up. We rented a minivan to get all six of us to fit, put the x-cargo on top too and made the trip in one day, but arrived at about 10:30 at night after Josie had a major meltdown in the car to fall asleep. She had refused to nap too, my kids are not good car sleepers. Celia at least had figured it out for the trip home and slept most of that which helped make it all more pleasant. I had thankfully pre-mapped out some places to eat (i.e. Panera) so that Josie could move around some and we could all find food that suited us. It was still a long trip.

Christmas eve took us to my cousin Sue’s house for presents which were quickly distributed and opened, Josie is very much into helping with all aspects now. Then we went to church, where Ally sang in the service and Josie did a good job of not asking too many loud questions during the quiet parts. Celia slept through the whole thing too. Then back to Sue’s house for the annual eating of the yummy Christmas appetizers.

Since we spent most of the night chasing Josie around we didn’t get many pictures. She liked Zeke but was a little afraid of him (not unreasonable with a 100+lb dog).

Lorraine also brought some cute reindeer cupcakes she had made and everyone got a kick out of seeing Josie eating one.

It was near impossible to get Josie to wind down that night finally, she just couldn’t turn herself off. Definitely a skill we’ll have to work on with her.

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