Celia at two months

Friday was Celia’s two month birthday and the poor girl got to celebrate it of course by going to the doctor and getting a shot. Our baby is a pile of smiles and cuteness these days. She sleeps a lot still by my Josie-set standards and eats even less frequently, including falling asleep without nursing. We will continue to knock on wood that things like this continue.

She’s getting stronger, her head control is very good unless she’s really tired. She wants to spend a lot of time upright and looking around and loves getting to move around and see new sights. She complains about being put in the carrier face in, and so I’ll humor her for a few minutes of facing out in the wrap even though it’s not great for her. She loves to watch Josie and blow raspberries at us. She also loves to look at Josie’s toys. I don’t think Josie has particularly noticed yet but I’m sure we’re going to have some major toy sharing issues in our future.

She loves toys which again is completely the opposite of Josie who found them pretty boring most of the time unless they were being moved. She will sit on her mat for 20 minutes and play or in the bouncy seat and coo and smile at the animals. She loves people too, but sometimes she really just wants to be left alone to stretch her legs and not be touched so much.

The doc measured her almost exactly the same size that Josie was at 2 months, she’s 11 lbs 6 oz and 23.5 inches long. Just a few ounces heavier and a quarter inch longer. Looks like we’ve got another tall skinny one which works out great for sharing their clothes.

For diapering right now we’ve been using prefolds and covers. Josie’s old bum genius 3.0’s were having problems with the velcro curling and not sticking well and since they were under warranty the company took them back and are sending me brand new version 4.0’s. This time I chose snaps to avoid the velcro problem all together. They’ve been slow getting them and returning them, almost a month, but I can’t be too upset about new diapers. These combined with the ones I’ve already got should mean no more diaper purchases for the rest of Celia’s diapering time.

All in all she’s a happy healthy easy going baby. Up a normal two or three times a night, sometimes giving us a long 5 hour stretch lately. I know this time to appreciate that!

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  1. Abuela Says:

    Sooooo cute!!

  2. Pipita Says:

    Ella emana fortaleza y dulzura. Hurra!!!!!

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