Quick update

Busy life these days, thanksgiving needs to be updated and such, but right now Celia’s got a cold, last week Josie had a cold and of course the holiday season of parties and shopping is upon us. Josie has decided to try out some new behaviors like ignoring me or shouting ‘no’ and running away as well as refusing to participate in gym class or basically do anything other than stay at home and play with her toys. We’re working on it, a few tactics may be helping which definitely includes cutting back trips out of the house to the bare minimum.

Celia has been waking up more and is generally happy except when wet, hungry or tired. She’ll play on her activity mat for an amazingly long time happily and as of about two weeks ago can bat at her toys and occasionally grab them (although that’s a reflex still we’re pretty sure). She loves her naked time and I took some pictures which I won’t post here, but if you come over I’ll show you the funny pictures of her adorable newborn body with the huge belly, tiny bowed legs and wrinkled bum. She also is showing the same desire for standing that Josie did at an early age. She’s getting strong fast! Can’t wait until she can sit up and play with toys a little, she looks like she’ll be great at entertaining herself a little bit. She definitely likes to watch Josie too!

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  1. Pipita Says:

    Thank you for this quick update. Enjoy this precious time with this two special reward of God. I feel very happy of their improvement.

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