Gymnastics starts again

Today Josie’s gymnastics classes started up again. Today she took both the little kids class (1.5-3) and big kids class (3-5) to see how she’d do. The parents participate in the little kids one, but don’t in the big kids class although we’re still nearby. Most of the kids in the big kids class are 4, so a good chunk older than Josie. Josie spent most of the little kids class asking ‘what’s next?’ as I tried to keep her entertained. She used to just run around and do things. She was excited for the other class and jumped right in.

A few things were very clearly different with the second class. She was younger than everyone else by 9 months at the least. Her usual non-stop talking, actually stopped and she listened to the teacher whereas older girls had trouble keeping their comments to themselves. (I expect Josie to be like that by age 4) She listened but mostly was following along with the group to see what to do. She was clearly thinking about the instructions and trying but had trouble with the multi-step ones (i.e. do the somersault and then sit on the beam), she’d just go do the last step and wait. She also needs to work on her waiting in line for a turn as opposed to jumping into an activity already in progress. Plus we need to work on playing red-light/green-light as she totally missed the point of that.

But she thoroughly enjoyed herself and said she wants to do the big kids class rather than the little one. She also didn’t block anyone else from fully participating in the class or disrupt it so I’m fine with her joining in. I just may have to step in occasionally to make sure she gets the full experience by helping her through the multi-step parts!

Me? I’ve felt really good today compared to most days, except my hips feel like they’re about to split in two. Maybe that’s a sign? Because apparently frequent contractions, back pain, front pain, spinal pain, heartburn, gastrointestinal distress, and moodiness are not, for me anyway. Tomorrow we try acupuncture.

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