Playing with buddies

My mom’s group from the Calvary chuch friday morning support group is still going strong after about two years now, we hang out at least once a week with some people, more like once a month with those who went back to work. We gathered at Justine’s house a few weeks ago on a gorgeous afternoon to socialize and let the kids play. Josie is getting more into digging in dirt and rocks and such. She has a great companion with this endeavor with her buddy Nolan. He is a big fan of getting dirty. Lucy likes to get in on it too, but she’s a few months younger and still doesn’t quite remember yet that dirt and rocks do not go in the mouth.

Exploring the dirt, and then the rocks.

Josie and Lucy also love to share snacks. Josie is good at sharing but equally good at begging and Lucy often has some good things to share! Lucy is almost six months younger than Josie and likes to follow her and watch a lot, which makes Josie’s day to have a companion.

Finally, as with most group outings, we end by stacking the kids in a pile for a big picture!

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