Making up with penguins

After the trip to New York, Josie seemed to not be fond of penguins but that did not deter us from going to the Aquarium (because we had library passes) the following weekend. It has one of the best penguin exhibits around, tons of birds, three species and close vantage points. Thankfully it looks like Josie managed to forgive the penguins for their transgressions of eating fish and she enjoyed watching them again, and petting the various penguin statues.

She also liked to watch the divers in the big tank. She’s learned a bit about them because we read a scuba magazine at home so she see’s lots of interesting pictures of people swimming underwater and sort of understood what the divers were doing. She still won’t go anywhere near the touch tank though and didn’t even want us touching it.

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  1. Lance Says:

    Go Pens!

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