Cape Cod – Coast Guard Beach

Even though we were staying right on the beach  (bay side) at Cape Cod we still took one day to go over to an ocean side beach for the waves and hopefully fewer rocks. We were not disappointed. We went to coast guard beach which is part of the national sea shore. It was beautiful and very exciting. The pictures can’t do it justice but the waves were huge and unforgiving when they crashed on you. The water level would go from nothing to up to your waist in almost an instant. It is a great fun place to go with older kids and adults that want to play in the (cold) water. Once you got past where the waves broke it was very deep but very calm and relaxing. We also saw a seal playing just a bit off shore!

Josie didn’t really want to go swimming anyway so the waves didn’t bother her, although she got wet without planning on it at times.

At one point I was trying to amuse her by running towards the water when the waves went out and away when they came in. I did this a few times but eventually lost my balance in the soft sand and a big wave came in and creamed me. I went under, flipped over, and waited until the wave subsided to surface. I get up and find Josie with a huge smile and signing ‘more’, meaning that I should do it again. I declined.

Jordi holding Josie at coast guard beach

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  1. Pipita Says:

    Que bien. Una nueva experiencia para Josie.
    Oh! wondenrful, a new experience to Josie. She is funny.

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