Cape Cod Summer 2009

We had a fantastic time on the beach in Truro at Cape Cod in a townhouse we rented right on the beach. Josie loved being able to play in the sand and we had a good relaxing time with my parents being around and helping entertain her. Josie loved the seagulls and throwing rocks into the water. She also moved sand around in a very important business-like way.

Josie box in the sand

This is one of the first things she did, she made a reverse sand table. She put the table in the sand and climbed up on top. In the beginning she wasn’t too sure about the sand and how it felt and how safe it was. She never really got to like the beach down by the water where it was rocky.

Josie running on the beach

One day we went way down the beach to a sandbar and she really enjoyed it because the sand was flat and there were no rocks. We also saw a dead crab and made our way out to self[-proclaimed ‘Jennifer’ island before the tide came in and the island went under.

Josie exploring a crab on the beach

And my baby’s cute little footprints in her Keens. These shoes were awesome, too bad summer is over! My parents both bought some Keen’s for themselves, at least those will still fit next year.

Josie's foot prints in the sand

(more to come)

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