[oops somehow I didn’t publish this last week]

This weekend we went to the Lions Carnival in Lexington on both Saturday and Sunday. Josie went on her first merry-go-round, ferris wheel and roller coaster. She had her first soft serve ice cream and for the first time actually liked some kind of ice cream. I definitely recommend this to other families, although the money disappears very quickly. Josie really loved to watch the other people. She also came up with a new ‘wierdest nursing spot’, which was on the top of the ferris wheel (while buckled in as they loaded everyone else). Thankfully it was pretty private. I think Josie will be a good roller coaster partner when she gets bigger, she only disliked one ride that was very spinny.

I had the pleasure of going on a (non-baby) ride called the “Freak Out”. It was awesome. You might be able to sort of see me on the ride, I’m wearing a red shirt and jean shorts and on the right most seat of the side. Here’s what it did:

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