Summer fun

We finally got some summer-like weather here yesterday and I took Josie over to the local spray park and playground for some good clean fun and a picnic. I highly recommend it as it’s easy to park, lots of room and the water is super shallow so it’s easy for the toddlers.

Josie and her cute belly
You can get an idea how high they go from the this picture of our friend Chrissie and Nolan who joined us.

Chrissie and Nolan

4 Responses to “Summer fun”

  1. Mom Says:

    Amazing! Did Josie really like the high spray?

  2. Cate Says:

    That’s an awesome picture of Chrissie and Nolan!

  3. Grandma Tere Says:

    Very nice!! It looks like a lot of fun!! Love Josie’s swimsuit!

  4. Pipita Says:

    I feel happy again seeing Josie again enjoying the nature.

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