Adventures in Eating: Chickpeas (and peas, corn and canola oil)

I’m behind in the food category, but it just hasn’t been terribly exciting. She’s had a few new things. One fun one though was chickpeas. I introduced it to her in whole form just as a bean to start with. That was a severe disappointment. Then next day I made it into some baby hummus with some cumin, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. I gave her a spoon and a cracker to eat it with and it was a big success! It was also one of the biggest messes she’s ever made. There was hummus in her hair, her ears, and the underside of the seat somehow. She enjoyed it again today for lunch.

One story I hadn’t mentioned a while back was when I was grocery shopping with my mom when Josie was probably about 8 months old. My mom gave Josie a full bulb of garlic to hold to entertain her. Josie (ever the eager eater) decided to take a big bite of the raw garlic. I caught her too late and she had already sunk her teeth into it. And then she went back for another bite. So we know she’s not a vampire!

Josie eating hummus

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