Cheerios and Kicks

I’ve got a couple of updates for things I don’t want to forget about!

Josie did a little growth spurt on Sunday night I believe because her bathing suit and high chair straps suddenly got much smaller! She’s also lost her small belly and is super-trim again. She’s eating like a fiend as well.

She’s learned some new skills at swimming. She finally started kicking in the pool and she also did a pretty decent job of floating on her back considering it was her first try. She’s always very serious in the water, the teacher can barely get her to smile, but Josie has never asked to get out.

We play a new game now called ‘Where’s the cheerio?’ in which I hide a cheerio under one of my hands and she has to find it. In a book I read they suggest that you have a pattern and the kid will try to figure it out. I started off with Right Left Left, and found she was always guessing the hand in which I previously had the Cheerio. So I started alternating every time. Then she picked up on the pattern and got it 100% right. Today she had a different strategy and always picked my left hand. I also tried to play the game tonight with peas instead of Cheerios. She repeatedly put my hand back over the pea to cover it and lift it again to see if a cheerio might appear. Then she gave up and picked up the pea and handed it back to me.

She also got her 7th tooth on Sunday, bottom left.

She also now is getting the idea of holding hands in order to lead people. It’s just not always clear who is leading who, and she doesn’t always understand that at some points Mommy has to be the leader.

Josie, who else?

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  1. Grandmother Tere Says:

    She is a very cute and smart baby!!!!!!!!!!!
    I posted a comment about her new dress from Old Navy but forgot to put my name . So I believe it posted as anonymous. 

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