Sledding for fun and injury

As promised by previous posts, we took Josie out sledding when it snowed before. We bought two sleds as we weren’t sure which one would work best while holding her, and so we could have races. Josie seemed to enjoy herself but was a little shy about it. She basically just becomes a passive ball of goo whenever we put her in her snowsuit. First video is of a race which Jordi won for speed, Josie and I won for distance and accuracy. Neither one of my parents were as brave as the baby as refused to go down the mini-hill.

Actually one of my favorite embarrassing stories (for Jordi) I like to tell is the first time he went sledding. We were at CMU and went down the hill together. We were headed directly at a tree and I was in front so I threw one arm out to the side to get us to turn. Jordi sensed us turning and panicked and put his opposite arm out to straighten us out! Then I of course wasn’t going to collide with the tree if I could help it and had to throw all four of my limbs overboard to just stop us. So Jordi, sledding, and steering seem to have been an issue from day one.

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  1. Grandma Tere Says:

    That looks like soooooooooo much fun!!!

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