The trifecta

What did I say yesterday about Josie having two teeth? because today she has three. Top right one came in overnight, what a fun fun night we had!

I caught a rare glimpse of this odd creature that is occasionally crawling like a crab now. I just happened to have the camera on to see Josie do this funny trick to get herself onto the rug so she could stand up easier.

3 Responses to “The trifecta”

  1. Grandma Tere Says:

    That is so cool!!!Did she get up?
    Nice rug!

  2. jen Says:

    Yes she definitely got up. You’ll see her walking over to the toys in another video I just haven’t gotten up yet.

  3. gdad Says:

    Josie thinks it is hilarious when she sees me crawl on my hands and knees. Crawling on hands and knees is just SO goofy! It is just not done by the cool kids.

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