Border cafe is dead to me

One of our favorite restaurants since we came to Cambridge post-CMU has been Border Cafe. While I like to eat a lot of different foods, I often find one thing per restaurant that I just love to get again and again. At the Border Cafe my favorite was the corn and black bean empanada. Now this dish really wasn’t an empanada, it was more what Americans would call a chimichanga, it was a deep fried burrito covered in red pepper sauce. It was delicious and was the same for the last 8 years that we’ve been going there.

Now for some reason they’ve changed the dish to make it more like real empanadas, four little pouches of flakey pastry. Problem is that they just aren’t as good, it’s too much dough, not enough beans and cheese and veggies. It’s just ruined for me, and it’s not that they don’t have good chips, salsa, quesadillas, and fajitas still, but they just removed my favorite food.

And, I have asked previously for the recipe and they refused it. Now I can’t even enjoy it at the restaurant! So Border Cafe is dead to me.

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