Can’t slow this girl down

It’s been a very busy few weeks chasing after Josie because on her 8 month birthday she decided she was going to get up and walk. The previous Friday she had learned how to get to her feet from her belly and so she put it all together and now walks about. It has taken a while to get a video as she loves to fall down immediately when I take out the camera for some reason, and she doesn’t give me any time online anymore as she just gets up and leaves when she wants to. For instance she got up and left my lap in the middle of my rendition of “the noble duke of york” this morning.

Our babyproofing efforts have gone into super high gear to finish up things as they become problems. For instance now Jordi’s guitars are hanging on the wall up very high and the TV cabinet has a new latch. George and Josie repeatedly test out all the babyproofing for us to make sure it holds. I think they will be working together in the future to foil us. (Note: the stuff on the floor in the video is snow in case you were worried!)

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  1. Grandma Tere Says:

    My gosh…she is so strong and amazing!Go Josie!!

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