Miami Metrozoo

Last Saturday we got some time to use our (new england) zoo membership and go to the Miami Metrozoo. We went with Jordi’s mom, dad and paternal grandmother. It is a great zoo with lots of animals. We had a quick visit and managed to make it through the zoo and have extra fun by renting a bicycle built for 8 (6 adults and two kids). The seats were pretty tight with three across in the back but we made it work. There aren’t many cages because most of the animals are kept from (killing) you with deep ditches and moats.

Josie didn’t like riding in the front basket of the bike, but she liked being in the carrier and ‘driving’ the bike. One cool thing they let you do there (for $2) is feed the giraffes! Josie didn’t seem phased by the huge animal in her face, she was more interested in grabbing the lettuce. I was feeding the giraffe and suddenly felt something wet on my hand, I got licked! Giraffe tongue feels like a wet snake pretty much, it was clearly very strong and dexterous.

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  1. gdad Says:

    > … she liked being in the carrier and ‘driving’ the bike.

    What’s with the quotes around ‘driving’? The bicycle went where she wanted it to go, right? It is Josie’s world, we just get to go along for the ride.

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