Flying to and from Florida

One of the biggest concerns we had with our Thanksgiving trip was flying with Josie for the first time without a seat for her as they were crazy expensive. Thankfully it worked out very well. She nursed on the way up and down in both directions and had no ear trouble. We used the baby carrier through the airport (and security) and she charmed everyone walking around the waiting areas. On the way down we even got complimented by the poor guy who had to sit in the window seat next to us – he said she was a very good traveler. The woman in front of us asked if she had slept the whole trip, which she definitely did not. I can see this getting tougher with a bigger in-lap child. Josie spent a lot of time diving back and forth between the two of us and had one trip up and down the aisle each flight.

Security made Josie take her ‘shoes’ off which was pretty silly considering they’re basically thin slippers. Josie is very good at waiting for flights as she loves walking around looking at the seats and the new people. The photo below shows us waiting for pickup from Logan on the way home. Major props to the security woman in Miami who let us cut to the front of the security line on the way home. Boo to the gate attendants who told us there were no empty seats on the flight to Florida even though there were at least 6 by the time we were in the air.

Playing in the airport

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  1. Sarah Schendel Says:

    She was so well behaved (and adored) during all the Thanksgiving socializing – very impressive! Hope the travels home went well, and the best to all three of you.

    Sarah (& Arturo)

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