Exercising in your sleep (and other times)

Josie has been working like crazy on her physical strength and agility. She can stand for upwards of 10 seconds as well as take a couple of steps on her own. She has now also begun to pull herself up from a complete sit all the way to her feet using the assistance of such objects as the bathtub or the 20 lb bin of cat food. When she’s in bed now she’ll often roll over to her stomach and alternate from pushing up on her arms, to sticking her bum in the air on her knees. Clearly this is a precursor to pushing up on both her hands and knees. Maybe she will learn to crawl one day after all! She finds it hillarious when I demonstrate crawling for her, so perhaps she assumes it will be fun. It will certainly be fun for me to not have to move her closer to whatever she wants all the time. We had better get working on installing the baby gates on the kitchen to keep her from eating the cat food.

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