Adventures in eating: banana

Today Josie tried some banana. She was raring to eat and grabbed the banana before we even got the tray all the way on her high chair. Again she picked it up no problem and put it in her mouth and made a big face of ‘ewww what did you just give me?’ that she seems to make the first time with all new foods. She was very eager with the banana, probably a little too eager, as she managed to make herself gag and choke on it unlike with the carrots and sweet potatos. After the third time she gagged, even on the totally mushed up banana on a spoon, and I fished the food out of her mouth we decided she was done. We will try again tomorrow. Jordi thinks the banana might not have been ripe enough, he prefers his bananas much more brown on the outside than I do.

Josie eating banana

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  1. Lee Says:

    Don’t let Josie grow up eating disgustingly overripe bananas! Green-yellow bananas all the way!


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