6 Months Old

I can’t believe it’s been half a year since Josie was born. It feels like it was such a short time ago and while some individual days can drag by (like when we’re sick) the weeks seem to be flying past us. This last month we’ve seen some dramatic changes. Josie has mastered sitting and only falls over when she’s grabbed for something way outside of her reach. She loves to walk now while holding hands and took a few steps on her own.

Otherwise this month she’s spent a lot of time comfort nursing because of her painful teeth. She’s got a bigger double chin for it too which is good since she also likes to walk everywhere and will need that stored up energy. She loves the cats and get’s very excited when she see’s them and wants to chase them, giving them ample time to avoid her. Mio and Fred tend to only go about 5 feet away and wait for her to catch up to them before sneaking a bit further away again. She is very clear about which way she wants to go and what she wants to do. We keep having to divert her from eating the cat food. It’s very convenient to understand when she wants to eat as she just walks over to me now and dive bombs the food source. She is highly distractable while nursing now.

She is starting to have some patience for reading books, as opposed to just eating them. She seems like she might have started to understand the idea that her ‘touch and feel kitten’ book has pictures of the same furry creatures that run around her house. She will pat the cat in the book about as well as she pats the read ones, gently about 2 out of 3 times. She also appreciates the books with funny animal sounds for her reader to make like ‘moooo’ and ‘baaaa’. They are still shoved in her mouth before we finish reading them, but now I might get a couple of pages in.

This evening we start solid foods, sweet potato is first! Carrots will be second. Otherwise she loves to drink milk from a real cup with great assistance, plays with milk in a bottle without drinking, and will drink small amounts from a sippy cup unintentionally.

Here are some vital stats:

  • Size/weight: some 9 month, some 12 month, check for weight and height next week from doc
  • Favorite food: breastmilk
  • Favorite toy: plastic photo album, xylophone dog, your hands, teething toys
  • Favorite book: touch and feel kittens, moo, ba, la la la.
  • Favorite activity: walking around while holding our hands, everywhere
  • Sleeping: (on rare good days) wakes up twice a night, 9:30 bedtime, ~7am wakeup, bad days she’s awake up to 5 times a night, napping does not happen unless I am wearing her, or nursing her
  • New skill: walking holding our hands, clear direction when walking as to which way she wants to go
  • Teeth: source of all misery, not yet arrived
  • Vocalizations: whining from teeth, louder babbling

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