The view looking down

George seems to be a little attention starved as this is the current picture of what is in my lap as I look down. He has an impeccable sense of when the baby is sleeping and insists that my lap is now free for him (17 lbs of dead weight) to recline upon. One other thing we’ve changed with the cats is calling them name-cat, such as George-cat, Mio-cat, Ezzy-cat, etc. because otherwise I’m wondering if Josie would ever quite pull it together that they are all of the same species, i.e. a cat. I want to make sure she has a word to identify them with for when we see them outside or at a friend’s house. Yet I don’t want to insult our lovely house-mates by ignoring their names.

George on my lap

2 Responses to “The view looking down”

  1. Lance Says:

    Yeah, we tried that too with Boca-cat and Bacardi-cat but we must not have been consistent enough because every short four legged furry creature is now a boca.

  2. Jen Says:

    Aww that’s awesome. So she might be calling them all a Mio or a Fred most likely. They tend to spend the most time around her.

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